2014 - Working Together 

Pledges were sought to deliver more sand. The hope for an April delivery was not realized, as anticipated. Meanwhile, players continued to manually chip in to help maintain the Lincoln VB Park.  

A special thanks goes out to our amazing VB Community for the Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 effort. If not for their selfless sweat-drenched gift, all of the Courts would be sub-standard today. If others are interested in helping out, another effort is being considered for a Saturday morning real soon. Yaser Yacoob, the coordinator of the recent effort, got the necessary roto-tiller equipment and manpower for a 6:30am start. Jim Joyner, after assisting in delivering the rental equipment, worked a machine for several hours and was undaunted by chronological challenges. Javier Fernandez, Olga Samborska, Gabriela Vega Kock, Jody Hambrice, and Kip Lornell all worked an early shift. The 2nd shift added the hard-working Mike Shearer and Roger Oliva. Jody, Javier, and Yaser worked through most of this 2nd shift. Thanks also to the National Park Service who came around and took 8-10 large bags of the crab-grass that was collected. Btw, someone for Area 51 should analyze that crab-grass. Itís un-natural. This stuff is a bio-terror. Maybe players can pull it and set it out to dry/die whenever they see it encroaching in the future. The work done above and throughout the Summer 2014 has made the Park a better place. Also, thanks to those making a pledge, and will shoot for Spring (2015). Thanks again for all you do for the Volleyball Park behind the Lincoln Memorial.