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Check here for some of Lincoln Courts' history.

DC Doubles has been in touch with the NPS in order to best serve the volleyball public. On that score, we don't recommend any permits. DC Doubles hopes to continue operating 2 tournaments per year at the behest of the majority of the volleyball community that has played here. Given that weekday permits are here to stay, at least for awhile, DC Doubles will continue working through the permit process. If/when permits are re-instituted in a fair and open process, we will secure permits to hold the 8-10 week Lincoln Quads League (in abeyance for 2 summers). A meeting was held on December 17th, 2015. The intent was for the NPS to announce renovation plans. Independent of DC Doubles efforts, NPS has been advised to implement vast Park changes. DC Doubles' response to this meeting is available here. 

The National Park Service decided to allow for-profit leagues to operate in the Park. We do not anticipate this decision will impact the long-running and predominant community support for DC Doubles. We are uncertain if this will ultimately impact players' ability to drop-in for games. DC Doubles has run without permits for 35 years due to the cooperation of this community and we expect it to run for another 35 years. 

Volleyball poles have been straightened and sand has been refreshed. Unfortunately in many parts of the world (and even in the US) it is not every day that government recognizes an opportunity to positively engage a community such as ours, so let's not take that for granted. Thanks for working towards making the Lincoln Volleyball Courts a great place to play.