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We continue to work with the NPS Park Maintenance and Volunteerism teams in order to resource court upgrades. Let us know if you wish to contribute. Meanwhile, a meeting was scheduled in December 2015 - respondents to previous actions were alerted by NPS. DC Doubles recommended a "public release" and has requested resource details. The announcement may be seen here. The response to this planning meeting is attached here.  

Advising the National Park Service: Thanks to the 2200 petitioners!

2015 marks the 1st year in over 30 years that permits have been granted on weekends. With the exception of DC Doubles, we believe "no" permits should be attainable for weekends. This remains contentious. DC Doubles would much rather see no permits on weekends "ever", even if it means the end to DC Doubles tournaments. We do not wish to sacrifice this legacy but are prepared to do so. The Park brings people together, freely, from everywhere and "that" should not be compromised. 

You should have no trouble finding pick-up games, now. We made a disheartening discovery on April 7th regarding a separate office, the one controlling permits. NPS decided to permit all courts all of the time. 3 weeks later, the NPS pulled-back the reservation process and refunded all of the money for permits. The current "final" decision is that 5 courts will remain challenge courts and 6 courts will be subject to permits, anytime.  

Check back here for updates.  

History and Way Forward:  

We have led the effort to maintain and upgrade the courts since their inception in 1980 and wish to continue that relationship. Mr. Roger Morris kicked things off and did the heavy lifting for the 1st ten years. Others were handed the baton and they have continued this legacy of this public service to the Lincoln Courts ever since.  

We do understand fiscal realities. Although DC Doubles does not see the need leading to the current changes in permit governance, we understand that NPS has resumed direct Park Management. If it is true that 16x the past permit fees for 6 of the Courts are required now that NPS has resumed control over the Park, we continue to work towards a fair process that serves all park users. Although the process was not fair this year, we anticipate it will be fair next year and that Lincoln Quads will be back then. 

We believe that at least petitioners understand that non-attributable resources already contributed over the past 36 years and currently being pledged for court maintenance are adequate and eliminate the need for any permits. Our hope is that NPS and all others will eventually understand this. 

DC Doubles made recommendations that would alleviate permit problems (see attached presentation) on April 28th. These appear to be the best way forward.

We also trust/believe the Department of Interior will continue to support Park rules enabling free and open access to all. DC Doubles appreciates the tolerance of all volleyball players who have supported us in offering tournaments 2 weekends out of the year. Our 69th semi-annual tournament September, 2015 was again a success due in large part to your support. 

Because of your generous contributions, we have met our initial goals but at the moment, NPS is managing all upgrades with permit resources. The call for manual/hands-on support is always on the table. Help in raking courts, bailing pooled water, and working on court edges can always be used. Please report hours provided to us ( or directly to the NPS ( Also, we will be in touch with you if cash pledges are needed in the future (special thanks to Mike Jabari for documenting support offered this year).

Thanks for working towards making the Lincoln Volleyball Courts a great place to play. 

Again, special thanks to the Unimin Corporation at 334 Sand Mine Road, Gore, VA 22637 (540) 858-3444 for their phenomenal pure white Sand contribution. This unselfish act benefited thousands and reduced our costs, significantly. We also highly recommend RAC Brokerage at 131 Gainesboro Rd., Winchester, VA 22603 (540) 247-3254 for hauling.  

2014 - Working Together

Building With Pride and Commitment: 2011 Summer Court Renovation

Volleyball players and passersby alike, appreciate your care for the Lincoln Volleyball Park. Sand deliveries continued 4 years ago with the laying of an additional total of 600 tons of pure white sand. This was accomplished in two equal deliveries of 300 tons on April 19th, 2011 and August 18th, 2011, completing the remaining 4-Court renovation. This 3-tiered method of delivery cost a few thousand dollars more than originally anticipated, but it made sense to expand the effort. 

Building With Diversity: 2008 Court Renovation

2004 Renovation Pictures at the Lincoln Courts, below: