DC Doubles 47th Semi-Annual Men's & Women's Volleyball Tournament Results


Open Division:
1st Place- Mike Doan and Jean Macher
2nd Place- Mike Hogue and JJ Bowen

A Division:
1st Place- John Sang and Dang Quocdat

B Division:
1st Place- Ganesh Pasupathy and Augie Diana
2nd Place- Joe Nguyen and Luo


Open Division:
1st Place- Laurie Johnson and Betsy Schmid
2nd Place- Ellen Faabolea and KC Raver

A Division:
1st Place- Liz Elliott and Cintia Ruaha
2nd Place- Ilze Laganovska and Sarah Fabirkiewicz


Open Men's 1
Open Men's 2
Open Men's 3
Open Men's 4
Open Men's 5
Open Women's 1
Open Women's 2