Women's A

1st - Vicky Carrasco and Maggie Eldridge

2nd - Kristen Dunlap and Rachael Caruso


Mixed B

1st Van Nguyen and Brian Le

2nd Ana Arino and Geoff August

3rd Maggie Eldridge and Marco Molinae


Mixed A

1st Rachel and Dan Bender

2nd Megan and Jim Murduck

3rd - Laura McKechnie and Aaron Crawford


Mixed Open

1st - Kristin Carr and Roger Oliva (undisputed)



Men's B

1st - Eric Karlsson and Kyle Allen

2nd - Shawn Futterer and Ray Chen


Men's A

1st - Mike Vaccaro and Billy Barnes

2nd - Jason Ladnier and Vlad Dorjets

3rd - Ian Haber and Tim Daniels

3rd - Chuck Parada and Matt Whiatt


Men's Open

1st Cliff Rickard and Jamie Barthalow

2nd - Hudson Bates and Dustin Crosby

3rd - Jean Macher and Mike Doan (substituted by Fares Gauche)

3rd Jaime Albarracin and Jeff Graham